“İpek Böceği” Exportation Award Winners

11th “İpek Böceği” Exportation Award that organized by Uludag Apparel and Clothing Exporters Association and Uludag Textile Exporters Association, winners announced.

The award ceremony organized at the at Uludag Exporters Association premises. Bursa municipality mayor Alinur Aktaş, UTIB Cahirman of the Board Pınar Taşdelen Engin, UHKIP Chairman of the Board Nüvit Gündemir, Uludağ University President Prof. Dr.Yusuf Uluçay and representatives of textile industry companies, attended to organization. 89 companies get rewarded (gold, silver and bronze categories) at the ceremony.

WeTeks that is one of the important company in the Bursa Textile Industry, got silver exporters award at the ceremony. Esra İncesöğüt who is vice president of the board, accept the award for WeTeks Company.

UTIB Chairman of the Board Pınar Taşdelen Engin said that, “We were export with 153 country and district in 2 years, as UTIB. The total exports that we export to the top 10 countries is 56 percent of exports to all countries. This ratio is less than many other sectors and this is a kind of insurance for regional crises. The activities that organized by our Association at Turkey and International area, have increased considerably in the last 10 years and we have signed important events. We organized a total of over 250 qualified event including design, national participation, trade delegations, procurement delegations, trend areas, project markets etc., in Turkey and a lots of different country.