Günbatılı Textile was founded in 1932, in Istanbul/Turkey by the Founder and Chairman Mr. ERCAN GUNBATILI, as a scarves & shawl, women's wear.

8 decades ago, the Company, started as a dyeing and bleaching small factory which has now evolved into an integrated WE TEKS company to able compete in the global are with 22.000 square meter main factory and 7.000 square meter weaving and garment mill area specialized in the production of high quality textiles and also working in large confection section, exported around the world.

The process of grow is never finished – from our early days manufacturing textiles & clothes to our current work exploring, WE TEKS is always driving innovation..

With over 87 years of manufacturing experience, we’ve built a business with a solid foundation that meets the needs of our customers. We remain customer-focused, and will continue to invest in order to offer the best level of service and expertise possible for our customers.

We focus on our customers needs and strive to deliver a best-in-class approach.

It is this approach that has made "WE TEKS" a success in our industry. we’re specialists at what we do.

Our Values


Accuracy is our lifestyle. In all our activities, we always prioritize honesty, lawfulness and transparency in our understanding of trust in our relations with our customers, employees and other institutions and organizations.


In order to achieve our goals, we appreciates all our internal and external customers, and try to understand and address their needs.


We regard differences as a wealth. We respect different cultures. We do not discriminate in our work and social environment based on age, gender, ethnicity, political thought, philosophical belief, religion, physical appearance, health and similar reasons.


Creativity and innovation are at the heart of success. We evaluate opportunities by developing new products and new processes. Our understanding of creativity is one of the most important factors in achieving excellence.


We believe in the importance of team spirit in being successful, helping each other in achieving our goals and being proud of achieving success as a team.


We believe that human beings and nature are the most important factors for life, we provide a safe working environment for our employees and show maximum sensitivity to the environment and nature in our works.

Business Partners

Business Partners