We Teks; has a fully integrated facility with printing, plain dyeing, weaving, manufacturing, design and logistics structuring. We do qualified production in the fastest way to adapt to the changing trends with the professional team and fully equipped technological facility. We Teks, which produces under the philosophy of respect for the environment and human, is among the reliable and innovative manufacturers of the sector.

Production is carried out using equipment developed to meet both energy efficiency and ethical production requirements. We Teks has reached an expert level in production as well as product quality by following the latest technology.


WE TEKS operates in 22 000 M2 closed area, including 7000 M2 for weaving, garment and logistics facilities, in addition to the printing and dyeing ones and with 400 staff

Per month;

Weaving capacity 1.1 million m2
Printing capacity 5 million m2
Painting capacity 2 million m2
Sewing and packaging capacity 700.000 unit we continue our production activities.


We believe that R & D and innovation are indispensable elements of sustainable growth in order to anticipate market expectations and develop solutions..

We aim to increase the competitiveness of our national and international business partners and continuously improve our ability to produce innovative solutions.

For this purpose, our company attaches importance to R & D and high technology investments, and we continuously following up new types of products and fabrics with our R & D unit, which is structured with the aim of providing the benefit of sharing information and opportunities.


We make your dreams come true with our design team that has “know how” in the field of design, innovation and quality following the latest trends in textile and garment industry.

We make innovative and conceptual product designs that are functional and aesthetic, and are intended for the wishes of our end user or customers.

We are working on creative, innovative and original products that are in line with the trends with our Design unit, which is shaped with the motivation to make a difference in the sector and to move one step forward.


At every stage of the manufacturing process, we carefully check and analyze the products to ensure that we maintain the highest possible quality standards.

Our quality assurance procedures include final quality checks and management of all stages of the production process, including raw material compounds, before delivering products to the customer.

Our dyeing and manufacturing processes have various control points to ensure that the final product consistently encounters our high quality standards and agreed customer specifications.

Business Partners

Business Partners