They Drew Their Dreams on the Drawing Papers

The kids with Down syndrome drew their world of dreams on the drawing paper at the event of April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.

One of the leader company of Bursa, WeTeks and “Melek Yüzler” Down Syndrome Association lead the social responsibility projects together. Kids with Down syndrome came together at the painting event, organized at the scope of the April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. 21 kids with Down syndrome participated at the event that its tagline is “Thrust out hand, create awareness.” The event started with the breakfast and then the kids started the painting activity with paints and papers that were special for them.

The kids had fun with the clown show and spent quality time with their families, all day long. The kids conveyed their thanks to organizators that contributed to get more socialize. The president of the “Melek Yüzler” Foundation, Burcu Büyükburç gave a plaquet to WetTeks Chairman of the board İbrahim Işık.

PAINTIGS WILL BECOME A SPECIAL COLLECTION WeTeks Chairman of the board, İbrahim Işık said that the paintings will be turned a special scarf collection by the specialists. “Scarfs that made by drawings that draw by kids with Down syndrome, will be sold for the support of this kids. This scarves will put up for sale at the Mother’s Day, may will add extra value their life.“